$9.95 /month$14.95 /month$19.95 /month

  • Mail & Packages Received
    30 Items
  • Open & Scan
    5 Items


$14.95 /month$19.95 /month$24.95 /month

  • Mail & Packages Received
    60 Items
  • Open & Scan
    10 Items


$24.95 /month$29.95 /month$34.95 /month

  • Mail & Packages Received
    120 Items
  • Open & Scan
    20 Items

Additional Fees

Additional Received
Each additional mail item over your plan's incoming mail limit.
$.50 per extra envelope or package scan.
Additional Open & Scan
Each open and scan will be charged based on item and number of pages.
$2.00 per envelope for up to 10 pages, then $.25 per additional page.
Mail Forwarding
Mail items can be bundled into a single package and forwarded.
$.85 cents per item plus the cost of shipping.
Mail Storage
Mail items are stored free for 30 days.
First 30 days free, then $.05 per envelope per day.
Package Storage
Packages are stored free for 14 days.
First 7 days free, then $.10 per pound per day.
Additional Mailbox Users
You can add a dedicated mailbox for other individuals or businesses.
$5 per month, per additional user.

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