Package Forwarding Service

Package Forwarding Service

It is an international shipping service for travelers and international online shoppers! We receive your packages then ship it to you.
You can easily shop from your favorite online store in the United States and have your packages forwarded to you, anywhere in the world! Manage your packages online just like you would your email.

You’ll enjoy competitive shipping rate, package consolidation, forwarding, storage, and most importantly, international shipping!

How does package forwarding work?

Package Forwarding Howto 1

Choose a US shipping address

Sign up and choose one of our 120+ US mailing address nationwide! It can be in any city or region, with no restrictions. Then pick a plan from our affordable plans, the starter package is as low as $9.95!

Package Forwarding Howto 2

Shop from any U.S. Store

With a real street address, you can receive mail and parcels from any shipping carrier like DHL, FedEx, and UPS, not just USPS! Shop from any US e-commerce site and use your new address as your shipping address.

Package Forwarding Howto 3

Manage your packages online

Log into your virtual mailbox online and check on new packages you’ve received! Manage your packages by setting special shipping instructions or packaging requests for safety and even get scanned images of content if needed.

Package Forwarding Howto 4

Combine & Ship

Save a lot on shipping fees by consolidating your packages into one box! Offering free storage space, you can shop freely, store packages, then combine and ship them all together.

Why is Postscan Mail The #1 Choice?

  • Get a clear scan image of each package label
  • Free package storage for up to 30 days
  • Multiple shipping methods for each country
  • Assisted purchase option, we’ll help you shop!
  • Combine your packages to save on shipping
  • Multi-package shipments

Forwarding Packages Pricing And Fees

Package Forwarding Fee

Processing Fees

PostScan Mail gives you a number of items received for free, then $.25 per item as a receiving and processing fee.

Package Forwarding Howto 4


$.85 per item
We are able to consolidate multiple packages into a single package. This helps to save you shipping cost by reducing the number of packages you need to forward. This service is available to everyone!

Package Forwarding Shipping Instructions

Special Shipping Instructions

Sometimes you need to give exact instructions for how you would like an item shipped. This would apply to things such as packing material for security or filling out of the customs declaration form.

Package Forwarding Fill Out Customs

Fill-out Customs Declaration

Based on the packing slips from retailers that come with your package, we will fill out your Customs Declaration. This is done automatically whenever a package is shipped internationally.

Package Forwarding Shipping Instructions 11

Shipping Insurance

We offer Shipping Insurance to ensure the value of your package in case of damage or theft in-transit up to the amount listed on the customs declaration. Insurance is provided and should be redeemed directly with the carrier.

Package Forwarding Storage

Package Storage

30 days free storage
Package Storage is FREE for the first 30 days. Packages that are stored for longer than 30 days will be charged a storage fee of .10 cents per pound per day.

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