Virtual Mailbox What

What is a virtual mailbox?

Virtual mailbox is a service which allows you to get your postal mail online. Pick a US Physical address,  and then your mail arrives at our facility, the envelopes will get scanned and uploaded to your digital mailbox for you to view and manage from anywhere via smartphone, tablet or computer.

This serves the needs of individuals, business owners, travelers, startups, expats and more, save money and time with the best virtual mailbox service for your virtual office, starting price of $9.95 per month!

Virtual Mailbox Features

Virtual mail service features

  • A real street address as your mailing address.
  • Mail scanning service, scanning the contents of all paper mail.
  • 24/7 online postal mail and packages management.
  • Mail forwarding service (domestically & internationally).
  • Lower shipping fees, packages are consolidated.
  • Physical mail storage for your mail and packages.
  • All mail carriers are accepted (USPS, UPS, DHL, FedEx).
  • Ideal for small businesses, startups, travelers, expats, and large enterprises.
  • Top customer service.
  • Enhanced digital security to your virtual mailbox.

Choose Your Address

To get started, select a plan and a mailing address. You’ll need to fill out the USPS Postal Consent Form allowing us to receive mail on your behalf. Once completed, you can also file a Change of Address with the USPS which can temporarily or permanently route your mail to your new mailing address.


View Your Mail

When we receive your mail on your virtual mailbox, our highly trained operators take immediate action. We quickly scan an image of your mail item or package label and make it available to you online. You can then access your mail from any web-enabled mobile device or tablet. Our apps are available on the Apple Apps Store and Google Play.


Manage Your Mail

Simply log into your virtual mailbox and decide to do with each of your mail items. You can request to open and scan an envelope and view the downloaded contents as a PDF. You can request to bundle several items into a single package and forward anywhere in the world. Or you can request to shred and recycle your mail items and digitally archive an image online.

Virtual Mailbox Features 03

Competitive shipping fees

Shipping prices can get very high, especially during the holidays. PostScan Mail goes deep to find you exclusive shipping prices and the best deals.

You can get your mail and packages forwarded to you no matter where you are. Your packages will even be consolidated for lower shipping fees!

Virtual Mailbox Features 04

Free physical storage space

Need extra space? No problem! We’ll hold your packages for you up to 30 days for free.
And even if you still need storage space after that, we’ll do it for a small fee. If you’re traveling or don’t have the room, we’ll hold your packages for you for as long as you need!

Also, a digital copy of all your open mail will be available for you whenever needed, giving you cloud-based mail storage.

Virtual Mailbox Features 05

Upgraded mail security

Your mail and packages will be safely stored in our state-of-the-art mail lockers waiting for your next step.
We handle all packages with care and caution; nothing will be left in the open.

As for all personal info, our systems are highly secured and only accessed by experienced professionals. Using the secure shredding & recycling feature, your mail will never fall into the wrong hands!

Virtual Mailbox Features 06

No more junk mail

No longer get the mail you don’t need and only get important mail! By setting up the smart filters, your mail will automatically be filtered, keeping your PO box clean of junk mail and just sending you what you need like bills and invoices.

You can create folders and have mail pieces sent to specific folders, organizing your postal mail. Get a clean and neat mailbox at all times in just a few minutes!

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